Sally landau dating can be fun

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Meanwhile, Dana and Al each become frustrated with their school assignments: Dana needs to build a birdhouse for shop class, while Al needs to write a book report on Tom Sawyer.The two agree to switch assignments, but Brendan prods their consciences. Frank and Carol decide to enter the newly-blended family into the "Port Washington Games," but the Lambert kids object since the Fosters aren't very athletic, and the Fosters find the games too barbaric.

Dana and her friend Bernice (Ami Foster), go to a seedy nightclub to hear a folk singer perform.

This episode picks up where the Family Matters episode "Brains Over Brawn" leaves off, with Steve's jet-pack sending him out of Chicago. Carol's household-management style drives the Lamberts crazy, particularly a rule about cashing in tickets to watch television, with a six-hour-a-week restriction.

Frank and his children make their opinions clear about that and other rules Carol has devised, but Al decides her new stepmother might get the message when she threatens to move to Milwaukee to live with her grandmother. Cody's oddball ways infuriate Dana, which delights J. When Dana finds out, she agrees to shun her pride and go out with him.

Note: Cody Lambert (Sasha Mitchell) becomes a recurring character until the end of the first season.

When their marriage is declared illegal, Frank wants to marry at City Hall.

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