Hermaphrodites hook up free

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Wrasse are a species of fish belonging to the Labridae family.

There are over six hundred species of wrasse throughout the world.

There is a clear black spot on the wrist of the tail which only the corkwing wrasse has.

Ballan wrasse may also have value as a ‘cleaner fish’ which pick parasites – particularly sea lice – off high value farmed fish, such as salmon.This species is brown to red in colour and has black spots on its dorsal fin and top of its tail.It is only found towards the west and south west of Britain and Ireland and can only be caught by anglers using tiny baits and hooks sized 10 – 6 due to the small size of this fish.All wrasse species live in rocky areas and are adapted to feed on animals found in this environment such as shellfish and crustaceans.They also tend to live in relatively shallow water and are rarely found offshore, meaning they can be easily targeted by sea anglers.

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