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I believe it is morally and practically wrong to implement such a flawed definition.

The IHRA definition has been shown to be unnecessary, indefinite or confusing, and, not surprisingly, advocated for as some sort of gospel truth by those keen to conflate principled criticism of Zionism and Israel with genuine anti-Jewish prejudice.

9000 to keep the kindergarten in the West Bank village of Umm al Kheir going.

Last September we were told that there was no longer money to pay the teachers.

Furthermore it will cause many committed activists to believe that Labour is selling out both their ability to speak out against the ongoing and deepening crimes of the racist state of Israel, and also the Palestinians themselves.

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Since then supporters of Exeter PSC and Quakers in Exeter and Totnes, have raised, with the help of a walk in June, a total of 3021 for the kindergarten, now transferred to the Hebron International Resource Network (HIRN) which administers it.

Thanks very much for so generously making the continued running of the kindergarten possible , Tony take a supply of water for granted.

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Not because of natural disaster or scarcity, but because the Israel i occupation is using access to water as a strategy to drive Palestinians from their land and into the cities.